The Maori All-Stars VS Indigenous All Stars game down under implemented the new ‘Captain’s Challenge’ rule that is being introduced into the NRL at the dawn of the 2020 season.

Wakefield Trinity forward, and last week’s studio guest David Fifita explained how he believes Super League would benefit from a ‘Captain’s Challenge.’ Is he right?

Players and supporters alike are often infuriated by a ‘wrong’ decision going against their team, occasionally in pivotal parts of the match. The Captain’s Challenge would give the team who disagree with a decision ten seconds to challenge the referee and send it to the ‘bunker,’ as they say down-under, for a second look and a review. The captain, or acting captain if the skipper isn’t on the field, must be the one to instigate the challenge.

Referees have a really difficult job, especially with the pace of the players in the modern game, they have a split second to observe and process what has happened. It is difficult, so if a believed mistake is made and a team are allowed to fairly challenge a call, this would surely benefit the game.

Teams are allowed one incorrect challenge a game, if the challenge is deemed to be fair by the officials and the original decision overturned, their challenge remains.

It is potentially worth a trial… maybe in the Challenge Cup? Let us know in the comment section on social media what you think!