TORONTO Wolfpack’s game in Belgrade on April 7 has been called off.
The Canadian franchise was to take on Sheffield Eagles in Serbia in an historic Championship clash promoted by Red Star Belgrade Rugby League.
But the owner of Red Star, Colin Kleyweg, says expense and a lack of lead-in time has put paid to the venture. The Toronto-Sheffield game is now likely to be played as part of a double-header with a London Skolars home game against Workington Town on the same weekend.
“Toronto will not play in Belgrade in 2019,” West Australian businessman Kleyweg said.
“I would love this to happen in 2020 and will do everything in my power to help (Wolfpack owner) David Argyle and his team make this a reality.”
Asked for the reasons behind the missionary venture being aborted, Kleyweg said: “I think we ran out of time to promote it properly.
“It’s an expensive exercise for Toronto to bring 2 teams to Belgrade and I understand it made more commercial sense for them to play this match as a double-header at London Skolars given the new relationship there.”
The Wolfpack invested in Skolars late last year. There was talk of a name change for the London club but this has not so far eventuated.