Since it was founded by Alex Simmons in 2012, Rugby AM has continued to make great strides with the aim of showcasing the personalities and the great game of Rugby League.

In that time we have produced 200 TV shows, 100 radio shows and 1600 YouTube videos, which have been broadcast each and every week across the nation and the world.

The year of 2018 saw Rugby AM progress significantly with a new studio, new employees and a record numbers of TV viewers – a far cry from the struggles of 2012!

Six years ago Rugby AM was born in Alex’s garage as a breakfast radio show before professional players Jamie Jones-Buchanan and Keith Senior got involved the following year.

Rugby AM was born in this garage back in 2012.

Known as ‘Mad Monday’, Alex, JJB and Keith would gather with guest players to chat all things Rugby League while uncovering the personalities behind the stars of the game.

In 2015 Rugby AM made it on to local TV with nearby channel Made in Leeds, before other stations such as Bay TV Liverpool and Estuary TV Hull jumped at the opportunity to air the show in 2016.

With Keith Senior taking up a more prominent role as a coach at Sheffield Eagles, Alex and JJB became the faces of the show and were joined by Wayne ‘Waggataurus’ Godwin and Paul Wood.

As the end of 2017 arrived and now on eight local TV channels across the country, Rugby AM became a national TV show at the start of 2018 as they agreed a deal with FreeSports TV.

Broadcast every Wednesday night on the free-to-air channel and available to 22 million homes across the country, the programme has helped to showcase the sport to a completely new audience.

NRL stars Shaun Johnson and Jared Waerea-Hargreaves in the new studio.

In our first year on the channel, Rugby AM was consistently FreeSports’ most watched show and remains the only Rugby League magazine programme to go out across the country every week on national TV.

It promises to be another epic year in 2019 as we aim to break more records, showcase more personalities and attract a whole host of new supporters to be part of the greatest sport on the planet.

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