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Video Exclusives

Catch up with all the latest video exclusives from Rugby AM as we catch up with some great personalities involved in the sport.

UK Red Security Fan Cam


Watch the greatest post-match reaction here as we catch up with you, the fans, getting your honest opinions on the game.

Mouth Trap

The Mouth Trap Challenge is our hilarious game for 2017 as players take part in a Rugby League themed game of guess who with a difference.

K2 Teammates


We catch up with a number of club and international players who let us know that bit more in K2 Teammates.

Cfast 1 minute row


Watch as a player from each Super League and Championship club aims to beat the Cfast 1 minute row record.

Dream Team: 1-13


Over the course of the season we are sitting down with players and coaches, past and present, finding out their greatest ever 1-13 dream team.

Top Five Toughest Players


Over the course of this season we will be getting the top five opponents of a number of famous Rugby League players.



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Rugby AM Grand Final Package - Only £75!


Following on from the success of our Club Wembley experience, we are putting on a Grand Final package which includes travel, premium seats, the chance to meet RL legends and a commemorative gift – all for just £75.

Win £50 worth of OddBalls merchandise


Each month we have £50 of OddBalls gear to give away to one lucky person. Fill in the form and answer the question correctly for the chance to win!

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